Monthly Character Word

Responsibility: Students are accountable for their own actions.

Respect: Demonstrating consideration, appreciation, tolerance, and good manners toward self, others, authority and property.

Citizenship: If you are a good citizen, you work really hard to be  a good member of your community. Good citizens care about our country and our neighbors. Good citizens take care of the world around them and try really hard to do what is right.

Caring: Demonstrating kindness, courtesy, and empathy towards others.

Honesty: Speaking with truthfulness in all situations.

Courage: Holding to your beliefs and opinions even of they are difficult.

Fairness: means to treat others in a reasonable and honest way; to give everyone a chance.

Self-Discipline/ Self Control: restraining your impulses and behavior in all situations. Image result for may

Taking into consideration what it takes to be a good student,a good child, and a good friend.