girl reading on couch
Homework Tips:

  • Designate a time and place to do homework each night.
  • Create an atmosphere for studying based on your child's learning style (silence or soft music, adequate lighting, minimal distractions, etc).
  • Check and sign your child's planner each night. 
  • Look over your child's work and offer help every day. They might not admit it, but they do appreciate it!
  • Always feel free to call, email, or text me if you have any questions.

Your child should be reading 20 minutes every night to improve in reading and develop good study habits. They must also complete 1 day on their reading menu after they have read.
Want to know why daily reading is so important? Check out the graphic below.


See? Just 20 quick minutes per day will make a huge impact on your child's reading and vocabulary progress!